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For Men


Service Description Price
Men's Haircut Wash, Massage, Haircut, Blow Dry, Styling 30 €
Styling Haircut Shampoo, Massage, Consultation, Haircut 35 €
Neck Cleaning 10 €
Perm/volume curls 50 €
Beard And Moustache Cutting 25 €
Wet Shaving Peeling, Hot Towel, Shaving with Shavette 40 €
Clipper Cutting For Men 20 €
Tattoo Haircut 30 €
Colour + Haircut + Blow Dry GRAY CAMOUFLAGE SERVICE FOR MEN - for those who want a fresh natural look without 100% gray coverage. More youthful gray and natural coverage - quick and easy like washing hair. 50 €
Haircut + Beard Trimming 40 €
Beard And Moustache Trim 35 €
Beard And Mustache Coloring Beard and mustache dyeing with permanent dye (the price depends on the complexity and the amount of material) 50 €


Service Description Price
Trend Cut For Boys A more sophisticated modern cut 20 €
SISU MUUDATUS A more sophisticated modern cut 20 €
Hair Wash 5 €
Childrens Formal Hairdo 25 €
Tattoo Cut (As An Addition) 10 €
Styling Haircut Up To 12 years Includes Shampoo And Blow Dry 25 €
Hairstripe With Coloring 15 €
Haircut Of Tips (Until 12y Olds) 20 €


Service Description Price
Classical Facial Treatment With Massage (90 min) Surface Cleaning, Exfoliation, Pore Cleaning, Massage, Mask, Cream 50 €
Systeme Dermatologique Face Treatment 60 €
Moisturizing Treatment For Face And Eye Area (60 min) Surface Cleaning, Peeling, Massage, Moisturizing Mask For Face, Neck And Eye Area) 55 €


Service Description Price
Signature Lift Enzymatic peeling with vitamin C, papaya and pineapple enzymes and keratolytic agents that soften and open the skin's stratum corneum. Signature Facelift facial treatment is designed for reddened, dry and sensitive skin. This unique facial with four exfoliating layers leaves skin looking noticeably fresher and smoother. 65 €
Microdermabrasion And O2 Treatment Versatile face care that combines microdermabrasion (microsanding on the face) and O2 Lift skin oxygenation technology, plant stem cell extracts, peptides and enzymes. The skin is exfoliated, enriched with oxygen, and the complexion remains bright and beautiful. 65 €



Service Description Price
Eyebrows 12 €
Legs 20 €
Armpits 20 €
Feet And Thighs 35 €
Arms Depilation 25 €
Back Or Chest Hair Depilation 35 €


Service Description Price
Manicure (30 min) 25 €
Spa Manicure Manicure + Parafin Treatment 40 €
Pedicure (60 min) Foot Treatment (Footbath, Heel And Nail Treatment, Massage And Cream) 40 €
Spa Pedicure Pedicure, Parafin Treatment 55 €
Quick Manicure (15 min) 20 €
Paraffin Treatment For Hands Dry and rough hands get deeply moisturized and softened (scrub, deeply moisturizing cream, paraffin gloves). 20 €
Paraffin Treatment For Feet Deep moisturizing treatment for feet (scrub, massage with essential oils cream, paraffin socks). 25 €


Service Description Price
Eyebrows Modelling With Waxing 12 €

For Women


Service Description Price
Fringe Cut 10 €
Style Change Haircut Consultation, Shampoo, Cutting, Styling 45 €
Women's Undercut Machine cutting with pattern design and washing 35 €
Women's machine cut Machine cut on neck or side without pattern (wash) 15 €
Short hair cut Washing, cutting, finishing 25 €
Medium-long hair cut Washing, cutting, drying 35 €
Hot scissor cutting with gutting Thera-art scissors look like normal scissors, but they have a cord at the back. When you cut with them, all the split ends are "melted" closed. This way, the hair retains its natural oil content and moisture, which remains in the hair. 45 €
Hair dryer for short hair 25 €
Hair dryer for medium length hair 35 €
Ironing the hair 30 €
Hair dryer for long hair 35 €
Curls with tongs 35 €
Formal hairstyle 35 €
Water wave curls 35 €
Hairstyle of the Era 20s, 30s, 50s, 90s, etc. 35 €
Bridal Trial Hairstyle 35 €
Bridal hairstyle 50 €
Braids Additional to the service 10 €
CLIP-IN installation 25 €
Hair + Makeup On arrival within Tallinn 150 €
Hair Striping
Hair root striping Up to 2cm, includes a haircut 70 €
Striping of short hair Includes a haircut 70 €
Streaking of medium length hair Includes a haircut 75 € - 85 €
Hairline striping of long hair Contains a cut 80 €
Striping of long hair Includes a haircut 85 €
Streaking of extra long hair Includes a haircut 100 €

Coloring With KEVIN MURPHY Colors

Service Description Price
Hair Root Coloring 65 €
Medium Length Hair Coloring 80 €
Extra Long Hair Coloring 100 €
Short Hair Coloring 70 €
Long Hair Coloring 90 €

Coloring With KEVIN MURPHY Colors

Service Description Price
Hair Root Coloring 65 €
Medium Length Hair Coloring 80 €
Extra Long Hair Coloring 100 €
Short Hair Coloring 70 €
Long Hair Coloring 90 €

Blonding/Special Work With Olaplex/Tinting

Service Description Price
Short hair blonding (with tinting and Olaplex) After blonding, we use Velian Kompleks colors developed by Kemon (a complex of natural plants, which is recognized as the most effective natural care agent in the hair industry! Natural Abyssinian oil contains abundant moisturizing fatty acids. The oil is well absorbed into the hair and restores it. It also moisturizes the scalp. 115 €
Long hair blonde (with tinting and Olaplex) Blonding and special work (KEMON with Olaplex and tinting) 150 €
Special work (Balayage, airtouch) A consultation will be arranged 200+ €
Blonding of medium length hair (with tinting and Olaplex) 130 €
Blonding of extra long hair (with tinting and Olaplex) Blonding and special work (KEMON with Olaplex and tinting) 170 €

NEW! Olaplex Treatment

Service Description Price
Olaplex Hair treatment While other hair treatments help repair hair mostly on a more superficial level, Olaplex is different in that it actually transforms strands from the inside-out. Put (very simply), damaged hair contains damaged disulfide bonds, and Olaplex’s patented ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, helps to repair them. 40 - 55 €
OWAY shining and long lasting hair mask Includes peach oil and sweet almond oil, enchanced with shine and active ingridients what nourishes and softens long lasting hair. (treatment is added to the service) 15 €
JOICO hair care Hair Repair System provides you with the strongest, healthiest-looking, shiniest, most beautiful and manageable hair you can ever imagine! Resilient curls, radiant color, lasting body! 30+ €

KEMON Chemical Hair Straightening

Service Description Price
Permanent Hair Straightening 180 €

ALFAPARF LISSE - Two-Phase Keratin Treatment

Service Description Price
Curl Treatment Making hair elastic and takes away frizz 130+ €
Straightening Therapy Making hair straight until 6 months and takes away frizz (price depends on product quantity) 180+ €

Keratin Hair Extenstions

Service Description Price
Consultation Before applying hair extensions there is free consultation where you agree with hairdresser the lenght and colour for the extensions. Free
1 Strand Your own extensions, 1 strand 1.50€ Unraveling of the knots of hair 20€ Removing of the extensions 30€ 2+ €

Facial Treatment

Service Description Price
Classical facial treatment with massage Scrub, massage 20 min., mask, cream 45 €
Facial treatment with back massage Starts with back massage and next step is "Classical facial treatment with massage" 65 €
Classical facial cleansing treatment Scrub, steam, pore cleasing, massage, mask, cream 55 €
Facial cleansing treatment for teenager (under 18 years) Scrub, steam, pore cleansing, mask, cream 30 €
Special Care
New! Activ´Age face treatment 75 €
Lift up your Beauty 75 €
Lumin Eclat treatment 75 €
Collagen eyepads 10min. Compress, what lifts and firms wrinkles 6 €
Eye area modelling treatment 25 €

Image Skincare Treatment

Service Description Price
Signature Lift Treatment Enzymatic peeling with vitamin C, papaya and pineapple enzymes and keratolytic agents that soften and open the skin's stratum corneum. Signature Facelift facial treatment is designed for reddened, dry and sensitive skin. This unique facial with four exfoliating layers leaves skin looking noticeably fresher and smoother. 75 €
Acne Lift Treatment Acne Lift care is mostly formulated for oily and acne-prone skin (stage I-II/i.e. closed comedones, papules, pustules). Acne Lift treatment helps reduce inflammation, inhibits the growth of acne bacteria and inhibits melanin production. The most important active ingredients: *based on gel-organic aloe vera *exfoliators-20% glycolic acid and salicylic acid mixture. Glycolic acid (AHA) is a strong antioxidant and skin cell exfoliant, stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin. Salicylic acid (BHA) is fat-soluble and has the ability to penetrate the comedone, liquefying the sebum - therefore, it is an excellent solution in the process of cleaning clogged pores. *Vegetable stem cell extracts - stem cell extracts of the sedge leaf reduce the possibility of post-peeling inflammatory hyperpigmentation. *Energy complex - coffee and mint give skin cells energy to regenerate after exfoliation. *Detox complex - eucalyptus and ylang ylang essential oils - cleanse the skin and enrich it with oxygen. Luminous complex: -Luminescin-turns UV radiation into visible light on the surface of the skin, the complexion becomes brighter - Parrow extract - tyrosinase inhibitor -Licorice, licorice. mulberry - a natural skin tone brightener Defense complex: -Green tea- rejuvenates skin cells, improves skin regeneration - Mallow extract- soothes the skin -wrinkle leaf- protects the skin - mountain arnica - antiseptic, antibacterial effect - common herb - accelerates cell renewal, makes the skin more elastic -blackberry- antioxidant, soothes and protects the skin. Chemical peeling removes damaged skin layers with a controlled depth and stimulates the reproduction of new, healthier cells, the formation of new and higher quality collagen and the production of water-binding substances (glycosaminoglycans) in the skin. Collagen remodeling is the main reason why chemical peels are able to smooth wrinkles. Indications: - photodamaged skin, - acne skin, - oily skin, - rough skin / hyperkeratosis, - enlarged pores, dull, sallow skin color. Benefits for the skin: Less traumatic superficial peeling., removes the superficial epidermal layer, softening sebaceous plugs, helps to cleanse the skin. reduces surface dryness of the skin. strengthens the skin's resistance, reduces the growth of bacteria stimulates collagen synthesis. Time- 30 – 40 min. Frequency – every 2 weeks, up to 6 times. Care suitable for cold weather 2 weeks before a trip to the sun. Not recommended care in summer, because no SPF cream can guarantee 100% skin protection. 65 €

Maria Galland Treatment

Service Description Price
Classic facial cleansing with massage Classic care for the face. Surface cleaning, exfoliation according to skin needs, steaming, mechanical cleaning, massage, mask, finishing cream. 50 €
"LIFT UP YOUR BEAUTY" treatment for face and neck. Completely rejuvenating Lift`Expert procedure - * Restores skin tightness * Restores facial contours * Smoothes wrinkles * Restores skin density * Protects against dehydration 96% lifting result - 100% manual massage 85 €
"Hydra Global treatment" Moisturizing care for the face and neck, which leaves the skin fresh and moisturized for a long time. 65 €
Facial care for teenagers Includes: surface cleaning, peeling, steaming, pore cleaning, mask, finishing cream. 45 €
D-TOX EXPRESS TREATMENT A quick treatment that cleans pores and brightens facial skin thanks to papaya and pineapple extract. The skin is rested and fresh. 45 €
Sensi `Repair- care for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is not actually a skin type, but a skin condition that can occur on any skin type. SENSI`REPAIR helps soothe, balance and moisturize irritated skin. 65 €


Service Description Price
Microdermabrasion with ensume peeling From the "Image Skin" series, it enriches the skin with oxygen, which gives the skin the necessary hydration. Micropolishing mechanically removes dead skin cells, improves blood supply, smoothes the skin and makes it renew itself. It is especially suitable for impure or acne-prone skin. 80 €
Microdermabrasion for face and neck Microdermabrasion is a gentle and painless method to effectively clean the skin of dead skin cells. It is an advanced method of peeling the skin of the face and neck. The procedure helps the skin to renew itself and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, which in turn gives the skin a revitalizing impulse. The procedure consists of: micro-sanding (20-40 min), vacuum massage (10 min), light massage with moisturizing mask and moisturizing face cream. RESULTS: ¤ Prevents skin aging ¤ Evens out the color of the skin, smoothes the skin structure ¤Improves tone ¤Rejuvenating effect-smooths out wrinkles ¤ Narrows the pores ¤ Makes scars less noticeable INDICATIONS: ¤ Wrinkles ¤ Acne and post-acne scars ¤ Pigmentation ¤ Oily skin with enlarged pores ¤ Aging, tired and withered skin CONTRAINDICATIONS: ¤ Acute stage of dermatosis ¤ Skin hypersensitivity to aluminum oxide ¤ Acute infectious diseases and inflammations ¤ Pregnancy ¤ Heart and vascular diseases 80 €
Ultrasound treatment face and neck Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a deep cleansing of the skin using ultrasound waves. The treatment does not traumatize the skin, is not painful and does not cause irritation. ¤ Ultrasound deeply cleans the skin of the face, neck and décolleté completely painlessly and thoroughly from black comedones, pimples, cosmetic residues, excess sebum. ¤ Effective and painless exfoliation of the facial skin, which also activates the skin's metabolism and blood circulation ¤ The heat generated by ultrasound helps the active substances to be better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, it is possible to increase the moisture level of the skin with the procedure. The skin becomes visually smoother and more elastic. ¤ Ultrasound makes the body produce skin cells faster and improves the blood supply and lymphatic circulation of the skin. As the skin renews, pigment spots and unevenness on the face also decrease. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, ultrasound treatment also successfully fights acne. Care is good for: ¤ For aging, stressed, sensitive and couperose skin. ¤ For all skin types, especially good for oily and dry skin types. ¤ Suitable for a client sensitive to pain. ¤ Especially suitable for male customers. ¤ For skin with an uneven complexion and uneven pigment spots. ¤ For every age. Contraindications: ¤ Epilepsy ¤ Cardiac arrhythmias and pacemaker ¤ Malignant tumor ¤ Skin infections and allergies ¤ Very inflamed acne ¤ Large birthmarks ¤ Metal prostheses on the upper body (including braces) - may cause discomfort. ¤ Pregnancy (if you feel well, you can do it). ¤ Illness (flu, virus, fever, eye infection) ¤ Severe diabetes ¤ Sigh ¤ Inflammatory processes in the body ¤ A course of antibiotic treatment 60 €

Manicure & Pedicure

Service Description Price
Foot treatment "Gehwol"
Pedicure (with “Gehwohl") Feet soaking with refreshing bath salt, feet treatment, massage and nail polish (if needed) 40 €
Pedicure with gel nail polish “Orly”,” Alessandro” 45 €
Paraffin Treatment For Feet (30min.) Peeling, creaming, massage, paraffin mask 25 €
Spa pedicure (90min.) Foot care + paraffin treatment 55 €
Spa pedicure with gel nail polish 60 €
OPI Pro Spa manicure Inspired by facial care. Advanced salon care series for your hands! Relax, unwind, pamper yourself with a pampering manicure from OPI ProSpa. The service, part of the peel layer of manicures, offers incomparable exfoliation, hydration and protection, as well as a stress and tension-relieving massage. 35 €
Quick manicure Nail filing, massage, nail polishing 20 €
Manicure with gel effect varnish Nail filing, cuticle pushback, massage, nail polish. Gel-effect varnish is more permanent than regular varnish (up to 10 days). It dries quickly and leaves a shine characteristic of gel varnish. No need to dry under a lamp and removal is a breeze, with a regular nail polish remover. 30 €
Manicure with Gel Lacquer “Alessandro” ,”Orly” 35€
Hands Treatment (Maria Galland) 20 €
Paraffin Hand Treatment Hand peeling, creaming, massage, paraffin "gloves" 30 min. 25 €
Spa manicure Manicure, hand peeling, massage, paraffin, nail polish - if needed, 90 min 40 €
Spa Manicure with gel nailpolish 50 €

Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Service Description Price
BDB Eyebrows BDB - "BILLION DOLLAR BROWS" eyebrow treatment includes: eyebrow measurement, shaping, dyeing with hybrid dye or henna as well as modeling with tweezers and/or wax, soothing the skin and finishing with "Billion Dollar Brows" eyebrow products. Hybrid paint is a chemical paint that is ammonia-free. Thanks to the ammonia-free composition, hybrid colors are also suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. BROWSUN Hybrid colors are suitable for those who want a perfectly defined eyebrow map. Also, for those who need to improve the gaps in the eyebrows and / or the base of the eyebrows with color. With the hybrid dye, you can get a long-lasting result on both hair and skin. The hybrid color gives the so-called "henna effect" are cruelty-free and have a vegan label. 35 €
Eyebrows Chemical Colouring 10 €
Eyelash And Eyebrows Colouring And Shaping If you take it as a set, the price is cheaper! Eyebrow modeling with tweezers or wax. 30 €
Lash Lift and Lash Botox Lash Botox is a procedure that restores eyelashes. Suitable for weak and thin eyelashes. Nourishes, moisturizes and gives fluffiness and volume to each eyelash hair. Botox is a substance that contains keratin, it fills the broken, damaged part of the hair and improves the structure of the hair. Collagen provides elasticity, argan oil is nourishing and rejuvenating. Botox also contains hyaluronic acid, which has a moisture-binding effect. 55 €
Eyelash Chemical Colouring 12 €
Eyebrows Waxing 12 €
Lash Lift Permanent curling of eyelashes with permanent coloring of eyelashes. 40 €
Lash Botox Botox for eyelashes is a restorative treatment that gives volume and enriches the hair with elasticity-giving collagen, moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid and nourishing argan oil. Eyelash lamination fixes the care substances in the hair and creates an extra layer of fluffiness to the eyelashes. 25 €

Henna Eyebrows coloring

Service Description Price
Henna Eyebrows coloring KIRJELDUS 28 €
Henna Eyebrows coloring 2 KIRJELDUS 2 15 €

Depilation With Wax

Service Description Price
Legs (full length) depilation 32 €
Legs depilation 20 €
Armpits depilation 18 €
„Gigi“ brazilian bikini depilation with hard wax 35 - 40 €
Chin or upper lip waxing 10 €
Thighs depilation 20 €
Arms depilation 20 €
Bikini line depilation 25 €
Eyebrows waxing 10 €


Service Description Price
Daily makeup 30 €
Evening makeup 35 €
Bridal makeup 40 €
Era make up 40 €

Ear Piercing

Service Description Price
Ear piercing (a couple) 28 €
Ear piercing (one) 15 €
Ear piercing with canyla 22 €


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